Raph Clarkson.

Upcoming album releases – The Dissolute Society and WorldService Project

After a long, long wait, the super-official, universe-wide, ultimate release of The Dissolute Society’s debut album Soldiering On has been set for the 11th May 2018!!! You can hear one of the smaller formations of the band at the Clapham Omnibus Theatre on April 6th, featuring myself, Huw Warren and Zosia Jagodzinska; the full ensemble launches the album at the same venue on June 1st. Check out the new band website here for more details: http://thedissolutesociety.com

Also out very soon is the fourth album from WorldService Project, which we recorded last October, and like The Dissolute Society album, was produced by the one and only Liran Donin. It’s called Serve and is out on May 2nd 2018 – you can hear us perform across the country through April and May: http://www.worldserviceproject.co.uk