Raph Clarkson.

2019 New Releases

Saturday 7th September, 2019

It’s been an amazing year for me being part of a diverse mix of new music releases! Here they are…please do check them out and let me know what you think (if you like…!)

MAY: Resolute (self-titled album) on Babel Label (spoken word + improv, the second album I’ve ‘curated’/produced – with proper producer Liran Donin shaping them both)

MAY: Isaac Birituro and the Rail Abandon, Kalba, WahWah45s (I got to arrange the horn parts for this!)

JULY: The Dualers, Palm Trees and 80 Degrees, Sunbeat Records… which charted at no.11 on release!!

JULY: Laura Jurd, Stepping Back, Jumping In, Edition Records (beautiful unusual large ensemble writing)

AUGUST: Abimaro, Because She Knows (single) – (this was a joyous co-writing project)

AUGUST/SEPTEMBER: Overground Collective, Super Mario, Babel Label (intense, incredible big band writing)

RESOLUTE album out this week

Saturday 20th April, 2019

The self-titled RESOLUTE album is out this week! Born from the Dissolute Society, this project focusses on the relationship between the spoken word and improvised music, featuring writer and vocalist Gboyega Odubanjo, plus myself, and Phil Merriman and Simon Roth from the Dissolute Society. You can listen and download here:


And from the 26th April, you can order the limited edition Vinyl with artwork by Aurelie Freoua…. get involved!!!

Upcoming album releases – The Dissolute Society and WorldService Project

Friday 2nd March, 2018

After a long, long wait, the super-official, universe-wide, ultimate release of The Dissolute Society’s debut album Soldiering On has been set for the 11th May 2018!!! You can hear one of the smaller formations of the band at the Clapham Omnibus Theatre on April 6th, featuring myself, Huw Warren and Zosia Jagodzinska; the full ensemble launches the album at the same venue on June 1st. Check out the new band website here for more details: http://thedissolutesociety.com

Also out very soon is the fourth album from WorldService Project, which we recorded last October, and like The Dissolute Society album, was produced by the one and only Liran Donin. It’s called Serve and is out on May 2nd 2018 – you can hear us perform across the country through April and May: http://www.worldserviceproject.co.uk

Dissolute Society – ‘Soldiering On’ Album Release

Thursday 11th May, 2017

The album is almost out! Find out what it’s about and hear some snippets here:


The Dissolute Society debut album – ‘Soldiering On’

Thursday 19th January, 2017

I am delighted to announce that our debut album will be released on Babel Label in May 2017! Our launch gig will be at The Vortex on May 12th. Stay tuned! In the meantime, here are some words that feature on the album, for the late, great John Taylor, to whom the record is dedicated.

For J.T.

A soft touch

through silence, says so much


unspoken language, gentle hands

a soul that gives, and understands.


Humble man

Solo, colla voce artisan


sprinting, ambling left right stride

So fingertips in monochrome confide.


A soul to trust

An equal, modest, one of us,


wheels and deals, commanding song

yet sings for all, a voice that’s deep and strong.


And so a smile

exchanged, and held awhile


healing hearts through quiet noise

meditations offered, joy.

And through sharp-haze memory are secrets painted

a shimmering canvas, its touch anticipated

a life complete, but so much more to find,

to offer; to himself, to unknown ears and minds

humble, giving, magic musician.