Raph Clarkson.

The Dissolute Society debut album – ‘Soldiering On’

I am delighted to announce that our debut album will be released on Babel Label in May 2017! Our launch gig will be at The Vortex on May 12th. Stay tuned! In the meantime, here are some words that feature on the album, for the late, great John Taylor, to whom the record is dedicated.

For J.T.

A soft touch

through silence, says so much


unspoken language, gentle hands

a soul that gives, and understands.


Humble man

Solo, colla voce artisan


sprinting, ambling left right stride

So fingertips in monochrome confide.


A soul to trust

An equal, modest, one of us,


wheels and deals, commanding song

yet sings for all, a voice that’s deep and strong.


And so a smile

exchanged, and held awhile


healing hearts through quiet noise

meditations offered, joy.

And through sharp-haze memory are secrets painted

a shimmering canvas, its touch anticipated

a life complete, but so much more to find,

to offer; to himself, to unknown ears and minds

humble, giving, magic musician.