Raph Clarkson.

2019 New Releases

It’s been an amazing year for me being part of a diverse mix of new music releases! Here they are…please do check them out and let me know what you think (if you like…!)

MAY: Resolute (self-titled album) on Babel Label (spoken word + improv, the second album I’ve ‘curated’/produced – with proper producer Liran Donin shaping them both)

MAY: Isaac Birituro and the Rail Abandon, Kalba, WahWah45s (I got to arrange the horn parts for this!)

JULY: The Dualers, Palm Trees and 80 Degrees, Sunbeat Records… which charted at no.11 on release!!

JULY: Laura Jurd, Stepping Back, Jumping In, Edition Records (beautiful unusual large ensemble writing)

AUGUST: Abimaro, Because She Knows (single) – (this was a joyous co-writing project)

AUGUST/SEPTEMBER: Overground Collective, Super Mario, Babel Label (intense, incredible big band writing)